What Ya Doing Next Monday From 4:30 to 6:30 P.M.?

Usually we just post this at “our” Facebook page, then drone on and on about the issues included here at BB, but let’s skip a step, and some droning on and on, and simply plop the November agenda for the Greater Albuquerque Bicycling Advisory Committee (GABAC) here:

GABAC Agenda November 2017

If you’re interested in issues noted above, perhaps particularly the NMDOT Statewide Bike Plan mentioned here recently, those skinny bike lanes on Girard, and/or vehicles parking in bike lanes, skinny or otherwise, please attend. It’s a chance to see “the pageantry of Democracy” in action (at least some small form of it), and you’re much more free to chime in with questions and comments than at most such pageants (e.g., Albuquerque City Council meetings).

If you squint enough at the agenda above, you’ll also notice “we” on GABAC have two sparklingly brand-new members, Lee Ratzlaff and Ed Gerety. Big thanks for coming on-board, Lee & Ed, and kudos also to those who did the bureaucratic heavy lifting (and it was evidently quite, quite weighty) to finally get Lee and Ed on-board.

Hope to see you there!


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