Powerful Look Into Burque’s “Symphony Tower” Skyline Future

To give readers a wholly unprofessional and inadequate view into the potential future impact if the “Symphony Tower” is constructed at 3rd and Marquette downtown, here is what last April’s “Science March” would have looked like if a crudely inserted giant red rectangle was incompetently placed somewhat inaccurately near where the Tower is to be located.

science and downtown updated

Given the great power of visuals, BB believes the rendition above answers all possible questions concerning this Tower and its visual impact on our city.

And yes, you’re welcome for BB’s having provided this vital, and wholly unprofessional, look into our possible future. City planners and others involved in this project are free to use the photo above in their upcoming presentations.

No charge. Consider it Better Burque just doing its civic duty.

Again, you’re welcome.

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