Found: Protected Bike Lane Starter-Kit

IMG_3462Bosque Multi-Use Path South of Bridge Boulevard, 11.17.17

Anybody wanna help me fish out this heavy ceramic planter currently in the ditch as photographed above, and place it instead in the buffer on the Lead Street bike lane west of I-25? There might be a beer in it for you, especially if you volunteer to do the “stand in the ditch” part.

Voila! Protected Bike Lane! You gotta start somewhere.

Pretty soon, piece-by-piece we can eventually have Lead looking like this:

larimerplanterpostsPhoto: David Sachs

Again, you gotta start somewhere.

Have a great weekend, everybody, whether it involves standing in a ditch, or not.



3 thoughts on “Found: Protected Bike Lane Starter-Kit

  1. David: Hmm…tempted. Very tempted. I do honestly think the slope on the ditch would make it tougher than it might look. Still, tempted…very tempted. Let me think about it and get “back” to you somehow.


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