October Pedestrian Fatalities Updated (and the news ain’t good)

A BB post earlier this week mentioned that the October monthly roadway fatality information had not yet gone online from UNM’s Traffic Facility Unit.

After having the chance to contact TRU, that information has now been posted (yup, one email and voila!), and the data is remarkably gruesome concerning NM pedestrian deaths back in October:

october 2017 pedestrian fatalities

Prior to last month, 2017 fatalities, both pedestrian and overall, were relatively slowing from last year’s marked spike in deaths. October, unfortunately, has us right back at 2016’s level of overall roadway carnage:

october 2017 roadway fatalities

In fact, we’re likely to end up close to 2016’s 404 roadway deaths. Looking back at previously collected numbers taken from TRU annual reports, here’s how 2017 compares (with two months of data remaining) to recent years:

NM Pedestrian Fatalities
2006: 70

2007: 52
2008: 40
2009: 41
2010: 34
2011: 36
2012: 58
2013: 55
2014: 73
2015: 54
2016: 77
2017: 58 (through October)

NM Roadway Fatalities:
2006: 484
2007: 413
2008: 366
2009: 361
2010: 349
2011: 351
2012: 366
2013: 311
2014: 386
2015: 298
2016: 404
2017: 379 (through October)
A simple hypothesis taken from eyeballing the above would be:
Distracted driving since 2012 has eclipsed automotive technological safety improvements, bringing deaths back to mid-2000 figures.
It’s surely more complicated than that, but the straightforward numbers of those killed are both simple and chilling.
Be safe out there, everybody.

One thought on “October Pedestrian Fatalities Updated (and the news ain’t good)

  1. I’d actually blame the recession and fewer vehicle miles driven because of it, than any other factork, given that the tables don’t even try to separate out that distracted driving thing. I wonder if any numbers exist on causes of the crashes that cause fatalities.


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