Desperately Wish You Could Vote Today? Now You Can!

You might have seen news that Albuquerque’s bike share effort is expanding from 75 bikes/15 stations to 250 and 50 respectively. The expanded service, part of a new bike share model from MRCOG-approved vendors Zagster called “Pace,” also offers a “dockless” option to return bikes to public bike racks around town.

While riding all those bikes all over town will be fun, and very possibly a real “game changer” regarding how we ride bicycles in Burque, the fun starts now with telling MRCOG where you think the new stations should be located.

Go here and take the MRCOG survey. 

Go right now.

Location possibilities include my personal favorite Kit Carson Park. Despite this being my favorite, I am in no way telling you to “stuff the ballot box” with votes for Kit Carson Park. In absolutely no way am I instructing you to vote for Kit Carson Park (despite the fact the park is named after a person many feel should not have had a park, or anything ever, named after him), and am instead only telling you to exercise your freedom and respond in any way you wish.

Especially if that means voting for Kit Carson Park, and Doug Jones today, if you happen to live in Alabama and read Better Burque, which I admit is a bit of a long shot.

Happy Survey Monkeying (and Election Day…one can only hope)!

I-Voted-2014110356-800pxClip Art from Contributor JonPhillips at OpenClipArt.Org


P.S.: Better Burque is also not directly lobbying you to vote for Dolores Huerta Park at Bridge/Isleta and Atrisco @ Osage. Not at all. Absolutely not.


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