A Welcome to 2018 Multi-Modal Greeting Card

A few days back, BB posted a photo showing a lack of compliance regarding the new back-in angled parking along Monte Vista Blvd. between Dartmouth and Campus Blvd. Here’s the view late yesterday afternoon:


See? Only a few days later, compliance is 100%. It just takes some time.

Note also that my bicycle appears to be at least 100 feet tall in yesterday’s very late afternoon light. It’s so much easier to see cyclists in such glare when backed-in to the parking space. Not to mention cyclists free from worrying about suddenly opening car doors, and so much more.

Such a happy scene. A veritable multi-modal greeting card of happy. Thanks, dear 100% compliant drivers, for setting this scene and making this oft-noted curmudgeon happy.

Happy holiday weekend, everybody, particularly the drivers in white Volvo station wagon, Subaru Outback and big-ass pickup shown here! Stay safe, folks!


2 thoughts on “A Welcome to 2018 Multi-Modal Greeting Card

  1. Mark: Sorry to say, perhaps, but yeah, it’s a little sign on the sidewalk. Of course far more meaningful is that first car modeling the proper method. Maybe instead of stencils, cities could just have a “model car” park correctly in the first few days of a new back-in striping job. Maybe that’s actually what happened here.


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