Now is the Winter of A.R.T. Discontent

ART Coors

Yes, at present Albuquerque Rapid Transit is nothing more than a very large metaphorical cat litter box. It stinks, and we’re all looking at each other to change it, many of us saying we didn’t want cats to begin with.

There is much smell, and much shaming and blaming. Particularly of those who moved out of the house recently.

So will we move forward and change out the kitty litter, or will we just leave litter boxes sprinkled along our “Mother Road” as photographed above? What if the Feds end up not paying for our kitty litter?

Bottom line: We gotta change out the kitty litter. It won’t be pretty, smell very nice, and some crap will probably spill out of the trash bag in doing so.

But we gotta change the kitty litter. Mayor Keller, I have some surgical gloves, if it will make you feel more comfortable at a time like this.

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