Ditch Water’s Running: Get it While it’s Wet


The ditch beside my *farmette, or “ranchita” if you prefer, deep in the South Valley has been running since Monday, as I recall. Only three days in you can make out the full water mark (hint: look for a dirt line) and also make out how many users are taking advantage of the flow this warm March afternoon. Hell, you can see the acequia gates in this photo.

The locally wise say to wait a few days, or even two weeks, before irrigating once the spigot gets turn on each Spring. Gets all the “crap” out of the flow, they say. Nevertheless, given how little moisture we’ve seen anywhere close to here this Winter, it’s little wonder folks are eschewing the local wisdom and already grabbing away.



*In case you’re wondering, this photo is taken along the Roberts’ alfalfa field which sits behind my house. My “farmette” isn’t anywhere near this many acres.



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