BB Road Trip: “The Nash” Photo Essay

Intensive Wikipedia-level research (a fine oxymoron that) reveals that absolutely nobody calls Nashville, “The Nash,” a heretofore outcome this blogpost will forever change. Immediately after hitting “publish,” endearments like “Athens of the South” and “Smashville” will be swept away in a Cumberland River of love and affection for “The Nash.”

BB also expects sizable royalty checks and lifetime free admission to the Johnny Cash Museum.

Until that momentous moment of “publish,” let’s take a short pictorial look at the heretofore “Music City” and perserverate on a few ways The Nash differs from The Duke City/Burque/505/Breaking Bad Ville/etc.

cranes fly
Sandhills cranes are far prettier, but I wouldn’t mind a few of these flying into downtown ABQ. To say Nashville is going “Denver Nuts” is not an overstatement.
shrimp and grits
Shrimp & Grits and a $14 cocktail that was worth every penny (and beyond) at Husk Restaurant. Could have used a few green chilies, everything could, but damn were these grits good.
sounds park
It’s officially “First Tennessee Park,” but the old Sulphur Dell now AAA-stadium is a low-key architectural gem. This photo was taken from directly upon the “Music City Bikeway” which runs 26 miles along the Cumberland River and about 30 feet from the left field fence at the ballpark.
nash quiet.jpg
Anybody got an air-horn? More Music City Bikeway. I wouldn’t trade ABQ’s Bosque Path for anything, but could stand to have this much water in the Rio Grande at some point in the very near future.
nash picnic tap
The Nash tries very hard, but there’s still no Elevated IPA worthy IBU 100 competition here. Caught in a West Coast/East Coast IPA DMZ, The Nash has got some catching up to do.¬†
With an estimated 100 people moving to Nashville a day, they tell me it’s looking more and more like this. “The Nashers” or “The Nashites” or “The Nashians” are voting May 1st on a $5.4 Billion (yes, the “B word”) mass transit overhaul, including light rail. The vote looks about as tight as the southbound Interstate traffic here, I gather.
nash rca pbl.jpg
To close, perhaps my favorite photo memory of what will not forever be known as The Nash: RCA Studios, RFD TV building, B-Cycle Bikeshare, and, most memorably, 17th Street’s Protected Bike Lane. 16th and 17th are one-ways with brand-new left-side PBLs all the way from the Interstate near downtown to past Vanderbilt University. Riding those via bikeshare was a hoot, and while there are definitely at least 1,352 amazing guitar pickers here, more and more Nashville Cats are riding these bike lanes (probably some toting guitar cases).

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