Nashville Mayor Signs “Declaration of Transportation Independence”

With a $5.4 billion transit referendum on its May 1st ballot, Nashville is currently a hotbed of transportation discussion, including signs we in *Albuquerque recall only too well in months past:

nashville no tax
These large signs are up in many places, as are smaller yard signs in favor of the project. 

In the middle of the referendum heat, Nashville’s new mayor (why a new mayor, long story) David Briley sat down with famed former NYC Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and they together signed a “Declaration of Transportation Independence.”

Copies of the Declaration were then distributed at the conference. Here is my copy, photographed with creases and other imperfections to provide authenticity as a historic Declaration and all:

declaration of transpo indo

What do you think of the Declaration? What do you think of pretty much stealing it and replacing “Nashvillians” (I prefer “Nashians,” as I mentioned earlier) with “Albuquerqeans” (or “Burqueños”)?

While such non-binding documents, even those signed by mayors, are nothing compared with legislation, traffic code, and improved roadways, Mayor Briley’s signing just before the May 1st vote says a great many things. I guess we’ll find out exactly what those many things are when the referendum votes are cast & counted in 23 days.


*Yes, I know we didn’t vote on A.R.T., but the sign here is uncanny, right down to the font and liberal (get it?) use of the color red.


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