Conclusive Video Proof That the Lomas Blvd. HAWK Has Lousy Signal Timing

Today in “I’m not very smart.” This could very easily be a daily feature at BB.

Since it’s installation back in 2015, your humble blogger has been trying to tell anyone within hearing distance that the HAWK signal at Lomas Blvd. and Alvarado N.E. has lousy signal timing, while the HAWK at Isleta Blvd. and McEwen/Perry in the deep South Valley is far superior in its timing.

These many previous attempts of persuasion have suffered for many reasons, my inability to persuade one of them, including these big two: A. Explaining the quality of HAWK signal timing verbally or in writing is actually quite difficult; B. The Isleta Blvd. HAWK is way down yonder and not many people know about it.

So it’s only taken about three years of metaphorically hitting my head against cinder block before I’ve wised up, with some help, to the radical, innovative idea that maybe, just maybe, the use of this new-fangled thing called “videography” or “video,” for short, might better get the point across.

To wit, here’s some video I took of the Isleta Blvd. HAWK in action yesterday afternoon:

And here’s video shot this past evening by a helpful contributor of the Lomas Blvd. HAWK in action.

I’m not going to employ my go-to pedantic list of glaring, obvious, and “why can’t you see how bad the Lomas HAWK is, dammit!?!” verbiage, because: A. As noted, that’s never worked; B. You now have the video evidence.

Look for yourself. Look again. I don’t think anyone needs to go Zapruder Film frame-by-frame with these two videos to understand the difference in timing quality, but if you want to, they’re there for you. Knock yourself out.

And I won’t have to knock myself out exasperatingly, and admittedly irritatingly, trying to convince you that the Lomas Blvd. HAWK signal timing must improve.

Immediately; or, to use the parlance of the new-fangled videographic director: “Action!”



4 thoughts on “Conclusive Video Proof That the Lomas Blvd. HAWK Has Lousy Signal Timing

  1. Seriously!!! I called 311 right after they installed this, and someone from DMD called me back and insisted that the light sequence was required to be that way. It doesn’t make any sense to have the yellow flash as long as it does, it confuses drivers and makes this intersection far less safe.


  2. Six is too short, obviously, and yes on the blinking = continue when clear. At about 45 feet across, the solid red needs to last about, what, 20 seconds? I’m guessing a bit.


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