Blake at Coors Construction Update: From ARGH!!! to Ahhhh…..

Life got you down, buddy? Have things got ya thinking Hamlet was right and “shuffling off this mortal coil” has gotta be better than another stinking day in this existential Hell?

Well, that’s where road construction during/after photos can help.

I know, we Better Burque readers are almost always telling ourselves precisely this in our down times of fear and loathing. Sometimes you just gotta take solace in the exploits of big equipment tearing the Hell out of things to make it all better.

Case in point: Blake Road at Coors.

As BB readers know, the BernCo project improving Blake Road approaching and through the intersection at Coors Boulevard has been on-going for a few months now. Back at its tear the Hell out of things start I termed it the “Blakeocalypse.”

Now, right at five months later, let us gaze upon the mighty works of our road construction psychologist, and take deep, sustaining comfort in the transformation below.


Early on in construction looking west up the hill on Blake to Coors


The temporary “bike/ped corridor” installed early in construction. Hamlet would have had a hamster looking at this…


wait for it…


wait a tiny bit more for maximum psychic impact…

blake coors after during
That’s actual, bona fide ADA-compliant sidewalk we’re talking. It’s like Xanax, Zoloft and a couple of Jameson shots, neat, all rolled into one visual mood elevator…


There, doesn’t that make it all better? Can’t you feel that existential dread slipping away? And, just in case, you need another “hit” in a very tough week:

blake looking down
Looking back downhill. Yes, there will be bike lane striping as well before the street goes “live” later this year. Feel free to use this photo when life has you down in coming days, heck, minutes…

Big, big thanks to the therapy provided by BernCo projects managers and crew. You’re very much the Johnny Nash of our road infrastructure blues…


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