Bike to Work 2018, Deep South Valley Style

Just back from “working” the Rio Bravo & Bosque Path station of Bike to Work 2018. A truly glorious morning, perfect for a ride, and we had more folks stop by than in previous years. No, the numbers aren’t quite up there with those at Civic Plaza, but we did have more than one cyclist comment along the lines of “I didn’t know there would a stop this far from town.” Hope you had a chance to drop-by at at least one of the stations around the area.

A great early morning, and now it’s time for a nap. Your humble blogposter has grown out of practice when it comes to the 4:30 a.m. wake-up alarm. How do you people do it?

btw 2018
A goodly number of folks stopping by deep, deep in the South Valley
btw 2018 2
The Volunteer Swag is quite lovely this year. Nice job whoever was in charge of this!
btw 2018 count
And here’s the official count at 8:30. No, not Civic Plaza numbers, or even elsewhere in the South Valley at Gateway (Bridge and Isleta), but still an important Bike to Work outpost in the hinterlands.

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