ABQ Deserves Unnecessary, but Very Nice Things, Too: Let’s Get a Display Bike Counter

Despite, or actually a bit because of, the heat, I took a Noontime ride/pilgrimage to Montreal’s Laurier Metro Station display bike counter.

laurier bike counter
The flash on the counter and my camera didn’t perfectly align, so I’ve very professionally drawn an 8 after the 3 here. 38 degrees centigrade. But, hey, it’s a wet heat. The index right now is 110 fahrenheit. 

Someday. Someday sooner than most might think, we’re gonna have one of these “Eco-Display” counters somewhere in Albuquerque. Call it optimism, call it overcoming our “we don’t deserve/can’t afford nice things” inferiority complex, call it about $30,000 installed, but we at BB are gonna help out in any way possible to get one of these babies in Burque.

In fact, I hereby donate $1 to the purchase, installation, and development of a website count report like this.  I don’t know if we’ll have over 3.5 million rides accumulate in a little over five years, as has happened on Laurier, but we’ll have a count, dammit.

Make that $2. BB hereby doubles its official contribution to $2. Yes, of course, there are countless other people and things worthy of financial contributions. Including this damn bike counter.

$3. BB is in for three bucks (that’s U.S., not Canadian).

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