Please Sign My Roadway Striping Fan Photo

The gentleman conveniently cut off in this photo caught me taking photos of his roadway striping work at Rue Belanger and Rue Drolet yesterday evening:

Note condition of the roadway. That freeze/thaw cycle is tough on streets here, a condition that just adds to the driving discomfort. It’s just too damn bumpy to go fast on many roads. Darn.

Once caught, he started talking animatedly, in French of course, while I took another infrastructure-nerd shot. Having admitted I didn’t know French, he suavely moved into English to laughingly tell me that “when he does good work they always come out to put photos in the journal.”

Rewarding his jovial sarcasm, BB posts this photo and anecdote in a “journal” of sorts now. Walking the neighborhood, I saw evidence of his good work all over the neighborhood; these Montreal roadway stripers are efficient and bilingually witty. Good combination.

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