The Last Notch: Improvements Coming to NDC at Indian School

Albuquerque Cyclists and Walkers: How many times have you been at one of the three Xs below, staring intently to see if any motorists were zooming around the curve from the east or blasting uphill from the west?

indian school crossing

Yes, we’re looking at Indian School where the very popular North Diversion Channel Trail (NDC) crosses. This notorious spot has been the bane of many a NDC traveler, especially as: 1. That curve; that uphill; those cars! 2. All the other NDC crossings now have “notches” or underpasses avoiding direct interaction with the busy streets above.

For quite some time, while nervously stopped at one of the 3 Xs above, NDC users have thought to themselves, often with curse words sprinkled throughout, “What’s up with Indian School?”

Well, here’s what is up with Indian School and the NDC. Design plan work has begun to construct a notch. Those design plans should be ready for review by September or October of this year. The notch is going to happen.


More from BB about the project as its timeline moves forward. Meanwhile, be safe when waiting at one of those Xs above. And motorists readers of BB…slow the Hell down everywhere, particularly at Indian School and the NDC.


One thought on “The Last Notch: Improvements Coming to NDC at Indian School

  1. Cool idea. As far as the labeled crossing that still exist on Comanche and Candelaria (where there is notches), they should consider possibly placing HAWK signals there. So that, if bikers and/or pedestrians decide to cross up on the street level, there is some sort of safety measure in place. Same thing if they’re gonna keep the crossing on Indian School at street level alongside the notch.


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