South Valley Photo…What’s the Opposite of “Reverie”?

The more I look at this photo, the more it seems to evoke living in the South Valley. You might not believe it looking at the fast food marquees, but this photo was taken only two days ago. As they say, news travels slowly down here…

mcdonald's raized

The main reason I took the photo is to document what is a big part of economic development in these parts: leveling old fast food restaurants to put up new versions. The Burger King across the street here at Isleta just off Rio Bravo has just about completed its same such renovation. Also, maybe you’ve seen the Sonic at Bridge Blvd. and 8th, which got the same treatment recently.

Then there’s the parking pole bent all the Hell from a driver evidently wanting to get a Bob’s Burger in the worst way, along with the 40 mph speed limit on Isleta and skinny, substandard today, bike lane you can just make out at the top left (the one with the nearly ubiquitous driver poking out over it “to see better.”

I ride that skinny bike lane just about every day. You get used to it, I guess.

Of course the single biggest reason to take the photo was to celebrate the fact that “our” McDonald’s was razed to the ground a few days ago. Never could stand that clown. Yet the sign remains (although I’m wondering if “McDelivery” remains) and I’m sure a larger, more gleaming and purportedly modern fast food haven will take its place soon, along with a Grand Re-Opening, replete with drivers turning into the parking lot right in front of me on my bicycle riding in that skinny lane.

Ah, life in the South Valley.

It’s not all bad down here. Far from it. It’s just that a lot of the bad is concentrated at/near the corner of Isleta and Rio Bravo Blvd.

Stay safe out there this weekend. Hope you remembered to get your Father something a couple of months ago.



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