ABQ Rapid Transit HAWK Signal Test: Success!

We at BB yesterday tried out the now operational HAWK signal at A.R.T.’s BioPark station. Importantly, we can report that the wait time at this HAWK is GREAT! Only four/five seconds of yellow before a solid red, unlike the City’s first HAWK signal at Alvarado & Lomas.

biopark HAWK
The same quick yellow/red sequencing was true on the other/north side of Central Avenue. 

In asking why the Alvarado/Lomas HAWK signal is yellow so damn long, one given *explanation has been that Lomas has so much traffic on it. Well, Central Avenue at the BioPark had about 35,000 average weekday traffic (AWDT) according to MRCOG in 2016, while Lomas at Alvarado had just over 20,000. Yes, A.R.T. construction depressed Central traffic counts in between 2016 and today, but, as you may have discovered, A.R.T. construction is over.

Congrats and commendation to those who set the light timing at the BioPark ART station HAWK. Now, if you could kindly make your way a bit east to Lomas & Alvarado. Thanks!


*Another given explanation has been that drivers fly like bats out of Hell on Lomas. Well, if that’s the case (and it is), the solution is not setting the HAWK signal timing poorly, that would be two wrongs not making a right. How about speed bumps on Lomas? How about a “road diet” from six to four lanes, two lanes if you’re nasty about it?



3 thoughts on “ABQ Rapid Transit HAWK Signal Test: Success!

  1. The question, if y’all know anyone on one of the city’s transportation advisory committees, is why this can’t be done with the other ones that are still “bagged”, of which there are quite a few.


  2. Wow! A HAWK signal that works like a regular stop light? The madness! Hope the city learns from the positive response and changes the others to match!


  3. Another thing I don’t understand is how they made the sidewalk curbs ADA-compliant when they installed the HAWK signal at Natalie and Louisiana and yet, didn’t make the sidewalk curbs ADA-compliant when they installed the HAWK signal at Lomas and Alvarado.


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