Finding Murals in Barelas and “EDO”

Riding to last night’s Silver Bike Boulevard public meeting (it was fun and informative, you should have been there) at the UNM Special Collections Library (i.e., the old downtown public library) at Central and Edith gave BB a chance to document some more murals not currently found on the MurosABQ webmap.

mural barelas community center
Section of mural at Barelas Community Center, 7th south of Stover
mural barelas cc 2
Note the train in this other portion of the Barelas Community Center mural
mural at zoo
Excerpt from mural near ABQ Zoo on 10th south of Stover
mural central and edith
Across the street from the Special Collections Library (and in the back of the parking lot for the beloved old Pop-n-Taco at Edith and Central

We’ve got a three-day weekend coming up, folks. Hmmm…here’s a good chance to find some murals on your own. You can submit your findings to MurosABQ here, or send them along to BB in comments below or via email.

Happy Hunting!


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