A Photo for us to Remember

gibson and yale
Photo: Greg Sorber, Albuquerque Journal

It’s not clear why, but the photo above reflects the end result of a driver and her 8-year-old son hurtling through the intersection of Yale and Gibson Blvd. Tuesday night. There’s also been no update on the condition of the boy, at least I haven’t spotted one, who was listed in critical condition as of Wednesday night.

Information is scant, but it would appear this is a case of a driving “outlier.” That, for some reason, the driver rocketed at speeds probably approaching the 99.9 percentile for all those moving through this intersection ever. Rocketed enough to flip over three times and leave the car looking like this.

The photo is shocking; it presents a view usually seen only at NASCAR events. Of course the photo doesn’t show the human results of the incident, though those are searingly pointed out through quotes of eyewitnesses, as reported in excellent, and disquieting, detail by the Journal‘s Matthew Reisen.

We don’t know much about why this happened, and the driver was zooming at true outlier speed. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to have the photo above seared into the brain of all roadway users. I know it’s been seared into mine since I saw it.

Here’s hoping the best for the 8-year-old boy. Stay safe out there, everybody.

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