BSAP Waits for Godot: The Light at Edith and Lomas

Giddy, perhaps irrationally so (is there “rational giddiness”?), with the success of our Bike Sensor Adjustment Project (BSAP), Better Burque has plunged toward correction of that veritable Unholy Grail of traffic intersections: Edith Blvd. at Lomas.

Raise your hands, cyclists, drivers, and walkers, if you’ve ever had to stew a few minutes here:

edith and lomas
It looks like just another intersection, but entire marriages have lasted less time than it sometimes takes to legally cross Lomas at Edith. 

Lined with big reasons to do so (e.g., churches, schools, parks, Manuel’s Food Market), the crossing of Lomas at Edith is one of the city’s de facto walls discouraging/preventing neighborhood access. Such configurations serve to sever neighborhoods, in this case Martineztown.

And if the crossing wait times for all users, and complete lack of “sensitivity” to bicycles, weren’t enough. Edith at Lomas also has this fetching, yet 100% un-ADA and ridiculous multi-colored tile curb largely preventing “beg button” access.

curb protected beg button edith and lomas
I think this mini-public art was created knowing that you’re going to spend several minutes and will need something to look at when at Edith and Lomas.


Thus BB has sought the Grail and placed the following 311/SeeClickFix “issue” report.

scf edith lomas

We’ll keep you posted on resolution to this matter, including the obvious traffic engineering priority of drivers on Lomas to all other users. Fixing this might be a “tipping point” in this regard. Not to mention the metaphysical benefits that come with holding the Unholy Grail, whatever those are.


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