A.R.T., or Lack of it, Continues to Solve City Problems

road work bus lane
The BB-maligned “Road Work Ahead” sign on eastbound Central at the River finds a great temporary home. (Photo: Dan Majewski)

The latest in the “Road Work Ahead” sign saga has the City and its contractor making excellent lemonade out of, temporary, lemons. We pointed out the unfortunate placement of the sign above in an earlier post, and our 311/SeeClickFix experience in another.

road work ahead again
The sign is its first, unsafe position on the Rio Grande bridge earlier in August

Now we see the sign adroitly deposited in a safe place. And with enough room for cyclists shamelessly breaking the law (OH THE HUMANITY!!!!11!!!) by riding in the bus lane. Kudos to the City and contractor!

Of course, the is the matter of ABQ Ride drivers training on the new buses/lanes. Maybe they stop the bus, get out and move the sign. I’d like to think that, especially if they move it to the driving lane instead of bike lane or sidewalk.

road work bus lane
By the way, the purported “road work” warned about in via this sign is actually happening on Tingley Drive, not Central. 



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