Avert Your Eyes! Image Sure to Evoke Horror, Revulsion and Widespread Irrationality Bordering on Psychosis!


Don’t say Better Burque didn’t warn you!

Doctors and psychiatric professionals of all methodologies report you should now, under no circumstances, watch this City Council Rio Grande Complete Streets Plan discussion (code R-18-52 for “Roundabout”).

Having made the ghastly decision to even merely glance at the image above, these same medical professionals strongly advise, as do area spiritual leaders, that one must, to preserve sanity and salvation of the eternal soul, immediately and repeatedly chant the following for the next three hours: “It will never work here! This is Albuquerque! Drivers will be confused! This isn’t…France!”

Those who have compounded their psychic damage by also viewing the City Council discussion are advised to skip the chant. You’re beyond saving.



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