It’s Not Yet Fall, Yet Something is Falling

arenal main canal
Arenal Main Canal just south of Rio Bravo Blvd., 9.6.18

For a variety of reasons, news about water in the area’s acequia system is always a bit hazier than information about other important topics. For most of us along ditches/drain/canals, it’s more a matter of empiricism.

Here’s the view this morning along the Arenal Main Canal as it runs through the deep South Valley. Yup, it empirically appears to be running about 8% of normal. Same thing yesterday afternoon. Some information can be found via this Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District press release from mid-August that addresses the water situation, but, of course, the release is a bit scant on dates and other unknowns.  Included is this:

Without reservoir storage to release, the MRGCD will be dependent entirely on natural flow of the Rio Grande.That may be very little, possibly even no water available at times. Or, there may be a lot of water, depending on rains.

As the press release also mentions, the “Irrigation Seasons” extends to October 31st. This season seems to have been cancelled early however, on account of little/no rain (and more importantly snowpack from last Winter), unless we get some deluges today and in-between now and Halloween.

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