Keller Administration Wants Faster Studies of Those Driving Too Fast

Good post this morning by Chris McKee at KRQE on the Keller Administration’s stated “push” for speeding up, so to speak, the City’s Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP).  The Program is designed to have the City evaluate neighborhood streets (no arterials, no collectors) for possible “calming” (a word pretty much everybody hates by this point, but we’re still waiting for a better one). The Program moved slowly in processing requests during the Berry Administration, and the City promise is that things will be better expedited now.

As mentioned previously here, one big reason KRQE stories online are better than the local average is that they often include plenty of links. The NTMP story is no exception, with links to previous stories on the subject and to the NTMP page at CABQ. From there, citizens can fill out an online form to request a study:

Kinda like witnesses at a wedding, it takes three neighbor applicants to get the process moving, one primary and two supporting “witnesses.”

Notably, only one of the 18 studies so far has found “traffic calming” warranted. One could argue that, based on that rate of 5.5%, that perhaps the criteria for determining need is too strict, especially given that three neighbors took the time and trouble to seek the study. Perhaps refinement of the Program evaluation itself will be made part of this push to expedite things.

If not, expect participation in requesting studies to dwindle, good KRQE stories about the Program notwithstanding.


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