311/SeeClickFix Campaign is Showing Results

After stepping up 311 and SeeClickFix calls regarding red lights sensing bicycles/cyclists and other cycling/walking roadway issues, the Better Burque Tactical Urbanism Team (BBTUT) is starting to see positive results, including the largely heretofore unseen use of prose from the “311 Citizen Contact Center” yesterday:

scf monroe and central

If you’ve ever checked out Albuquerque’s edition of the SeeClickFix website, you’re probably equally, pleasantly shocked. If you haven’t, one small “war” fought by BBTUT and others regarding the reporting/fixing process is a dearth of specifics from the 311 Citizen Contact Center (i.e., the City) about what’s going on. It’s almost always bot-level responses including misuse of terms like “closed” and “resolved.”

Hence yesterday’s prose from the City is worthy of celebration, as has been the apparent correction of red light sensitivity to the presence of bicycles/cyclists in many places around town (try some yourself and see; report instances where we still need the sensitivity increased). We’re so giddy, seriously, about that prose, let’s see it again:

Actually this signal had been replaced with a new one during the ART project with a longer mast arm required as there are additional signals on Central Ave now. It was later knocked down as the result of a motor vehicle accident. The City Traffic Engineering Division is waiting for the delivery of a new replacement mast arm from the manufacturer. In late September the manufacturer still refused to provide a delivery date to the City. This is why the repair has not been completed.

It may sound sarcastic to say it, as it’s seemingly to gush about a simple thing, but we at Better Burque sincerely appreciate those who had anything to do with writing the paragraph above and wholly encourage more of the same whenever possible. Transparency in governing is often the little things, and explanations like that above do more than a little to keep citizens informed.

Keep up the good work, 311 Citizen Contact Center!

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