Overcome Transportation Acronymophobia; Attend This Meeting

When told the MRMPO is leading a meeting on the MTP update concerning the LRTS for 2040, your response is probably: A. I have no idea what any of that means; B. I suspect attending this meeting will give me both cooties and damage my brain; C. I also suspect that there’s a chance, a small chance, that behind all these acronyms is hidden something pretty important.

While A above is 100% understandable, and B is at least possible, anytime, Better Burque is telling you that this is a case where C is a good suspicion to have. Acronyms aside, the Mid-Region Council of Governments (let’s just leave it at that) organizes public meetings as part of the process (“Connections 2040”) to determine what broad long-range transportation goals should be emphasized and what specific new roads, routes, and paths should be included in plans for future funding.

And that public meeting, the only one in Bernalillo County for the entire area, is happening this week:

Thursday, October 18: 5:30 to 7:00 at the South Valley Multi-Purpose Senior Center 

Address and other information about the meeting, the process, and what some of the multitudinous acronyms mean can be found here. Readers are urged to put their perfectly rational loathing of acronyms aside and attend, particularly if they care about making the region less car-centric, safer for those walking and cycling our roadways, and, as just one specific example, think the South Diversion Channel multi-use path should definitely be extended north from Rio Bravo to CNM and beyond.

connections 2040

Given that public meeting typically don’t get big crowds, and all those intimidating acronyms, your voice will definitely be heard.

See you there: I plan on wearing some sort of aluminum foil “acronym deflector” from which sparks should definitely be flying in abundance. Protection is important, and so is this meeting.


P.S.: The MRMPO (whatever that stands for) has a nifty transportation online survey in both English and Spanish for you to take as part of the process. Take a few minutes to complete it, especially if you can’t make it to the meeting due to acronymophobia, or other reasons.

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