Dear Bastard from UPS…

ups blocking coal
Coal Avenue just east of I-25, uphill, there’s this…

Dear UPS Delivery Guy: I know, I know, “Big Brown” is hard to work for and they push, push, push you on time, all the time.

Still, you’re not only parking in a bike lane, you’re parking, “temporarily,” in the bike lane on Coal Avenue headed uphill from I-25 to CNM and such. You realize, UPS bastard guy, that Coal is one of those “platoon” streets where both driving lanes are very often full due to the signal timing.

Oh, maybe you don’t realize that. 

Well, let me hip you to the reason I proceeded to almost get hit by someone in the right driving lane after taking the photo above: A. Because you were still finishing up delivering your “on-time” package to whomever; B. Because scooting/riding around you involved swerving out into traffic, where platooned drivers were occupying both lanes.

Frankly, UPS Bastard Guy, there are a few bike lanes around town in which you can park, “temporarily,” and only raise mild disdain. 4th Downtown comes to mind; we cyclists will only smirk about that. Derisively smirk, but just smirk.

Then there’s parking on Coal Avenue east of I-25.

For that you get a photo and rant at Better Burque. Congrats, Bastard from UPS, you most certainly deserve it.



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