Today in “What the Hell is That?” Roadway Signage: Rancho Seco NW

signs rancho seco
Bizarre array of signage greeting those completing the bizarre glorified driveway that is Rancho Seco NW

BB has taken several trips to/through Rancho Seco NW, a 227-foot “road” connecting Central and Lomas near Old Town. Those earlier trips revealed, again and again, the dangerous idiocy of the “cycle track” already almost faded from the single southbound driving lane.

But it was not until our latest venture this past weekend to Rancho Seco that we noticed, stared, and were completely flummoxed by the signage blizzard photographed above. Trying to explain every nuance of just how idiotic the instructions/requirements associated with all this signage would require thousands of words. Every picture is worth a thousand; this one is worth at least 10,000.

Instead BB readers are requested to go see the signage and surrounding road infrastructure for yourself. Be advised that you will very likely look just as stupid as BB looked this past weekend: mouth agape for minutes, to the point of drool, as we tried to untangle just what the hell it all means and why the Hell anybody, traffic engineer or no, would ever design and implement such a debacle.

Please do pass along your thoughts. Remember to bring napkins to collect all the drool.





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