C’mon Cyclists: Share the Coors Boulevard!

share the coors boulevard
Northern terminus of 400-foot bike lane along Coors at Blake

The sign and bike lane above are NMDOT’s contribution to nearly completed Coors/Blake reconstruction by BernCo. In other words, this sign went up only two or three weeks ago, offering cyclists the wonderful opportunity to “Share the Road” on a posted 45 mph (actual average speed 48-55 with many exceptions at higher speeds) stroad averaging 25,000 cars, trucks, and Escalades a day.

Yeah, I’m gonna get right on “Sharing That Road,” NMDOT. Thanks.

Thanks for everything.


P.S.: Note also the bus stop sans sidewalk amid the gravel. You got a fireworks advertisement bench to sit on while the traffic flies by until the bus stops, throwing dust in abundance. What else do you want?


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