Today’s Feel-Good Story in Roadway Signage

Bombast and outrage generate more Internet “traffic” (so to speak), but it’s important for hugely important blogs, such as Better Burque, to also calmly point out when multi-modal transportation has been made better.

Case in point:

zuni road work sign better
Zuni at Mesilla SE this past Sunday

While the Better Burque Tacital Urbanism Team (BBTUT) has previously come across “bike lane closed ahead” signs smack-dab in the middle of the bike lane on Zuni, this past weekend required the Team to only move two “no right turn” signs placed in the middle of the lane. All other signs were firmly in the gutter, as above.

Of course, “Bike Lane Closed Ahead” isn’t really the correct sign if the bike lane is, indeed, not closed, but the above is to be commended, as is the fact the signs weren’t all blocking the sidewalk.

So we at BB are commending this action. Huzzah! Keep up the good work, City of Albuquerque and contracted roadway company! Apologies that posts like this are like Section C, Page 19 newspaper corrections in their low readership versus outrage and bombast, but we do appreciate your work.

Meanwhile, readers do not be disappointed. We’re sure there will be plenty of bombast and outrage in countless posts to come here at Better Burque.


P.S.: Might we at BB also calmly and positively suggest that signs such as above be rectangular instead of diamond-shaped? Those pointy-points are a danger. You’re welcome City of Albuquerque and contracted roadway company; thanks for listening.

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