Key to Good 311 Communication: Possibility of Natural Gas Explosion

Better Burque has mentioned roughly 1.3 million times that 311/SeeClickFix (SCF) has great potential as a City government/public communication and transparency tool, but that this potential has, to this point, rarely been tapped. Many requests, particularly those pertaining to roadway issues for walkers and cyclists, tend to be “closed” without closure and noteworthy for the lack of “notes” in terms of City response.

Maybe that’s because we’re not sufficiently emphasizing the possibility of natural gas explosions in our 311/SCF reports:

gas smell in the street

Unlike 99.99% of 311/SCF reports, this one not only has “notes” with bona fide information, it also includes details of how somebody at the City contacted somebody not with the City (exceedingly rare) AND even followed through with that outside entity to the point where that entity, NM Gas Company, promised service.

Wowza! Amazing!

Yes, I know this really shouldn’t be considered either wowza! or amazing! but you probably haven’t spent hours and hours and hours going through 311/SCF reports. Because: A. You have a life; B. You want that life to be as happy as possible, and are far too smart to spend it going through 311/SCF reports.

But it’s wowza! and amazing! Trust me.

No, we at Better Burque aren’t certain what a “EH Scientist” is (Environmental Health, maybe?), but the level of communication and transparency in this “Service Request ID 190101-000058” is to be admired and commended. Keep it up, Michael McKinstry, EH Scientist and everyone involved in truly responding to this request. We love it. Sincerely.

This success noted, BB will make absolutely certain “gas smell in the street” is added to every 311/SCF report we make concerning vehicles parked in bike lanes, non-ADA compliant intersections, etc.

Stay safe while you’re smelling out there, everybody.



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