Today in 311/SeeClickKafka: Where’s that Enigma Machine?

FA0028950 EMAIL xxxxxxx BLEA-TORRES BY xxxxxx SISON 

was all they wrote (BB took some of the names out to help avoid others bothering folks with said names). And thus either World War III began or somebody put some roach motels around the tortilla maker. Or both.


Not having an enigma machine handy, BB does not know what “FA0028950” means and a quick check of the names via our modern-day enigma machine (i.e., “googling it”) gives us a doctor of adolescent medicine in Long Beach, California and no “hits” on the CABQ website search feature. 

One is strongly tempted to believe this strange “note” is simply a mistake, but in tracking 311/SeeClickFix for quite a few weeks now, indecipherable “notes” are fairly common. We’ve commented upon this tendency previously here. A number of times.

Honestly, those of us who strive to make government more accountable and transparent greatly appreciate communication between those “inside” the bureaucracy and the public. It would help, however, if we could understand just what the hell those attempts at communication mean.

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