Mini-Walking Fatality Story: The “‘Barf’ Green Pickup”

(Note: This post may be too graphic and disturbing for some readers. Consideration of this advised.)

Better Burque continues to comb through APD crash reports and investigations for those killed walking our roadways in 2017 and 2018. As you can easily imagine, these reports are filled with grisly details and somber humanity.

We’ll be writing more in coming days about the intersection at which the incident resulting in the investigatory report narrative excerpt below. For now, enough said that it was Central Avenue and San Mateo Boulevard. That someone was killed walking this intersection is very possibly the least surprising news you will hear/read anytime soon.

For now, we’ll only pass along the following macabre anecdote included almost as an aside in the investigation narrative in question. To guide readers a bit, our focus starts with “…stated when she exited her vehicle…”

barf green redacted page one
Names redacted by Better Burque


barf green redacted page two
More on toxicology reports, and backlogs thereof, in future posts

BB will avoid restating the above and just let readers ponder for a bit. As long as you feel comfortable pondering such things.

More on Central & San Mateo and toxicology in upcoming posts.

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