Mayor Keller Now Wants to Fix 311

Not much to add to yesterday’s KOB-TV story from reporter Ryan Laughlin on Mayor’s Keller decision to reestablish a better feedback loop for citizens in reporting problems via 311/SeeClickFix. We mention the story here as BB has been gently, lovingly ranting about the problem for months.

In response to 2018 Albuquerque Progress Report survey findings which indicate only 28% of citizens feel the City is responsive to community needs, Mayor Tim Keller blames former Mayor Richard Berry’s administration, specifically: “We have actually lost a lot of the feedback from 311.” According to the KOB story, this loss has resulted in lack of true resolution to more and more reported problems.

In short, and in the current slangy parlance: 311 sucks and the Mayor knows that.

This acknowledgement and desire to make things right is somewhat a reversal for the Mayor. Back in March of last year, elimination of the “311 Call Center” was an Administration consideration in response to a budget shortfall. Subsequent events, in particular the woeful survey response in the Progress Report, have 311 very much on the Mayor’s “to-do” list.

Better Burque applauds this renewed interest in 311/SeeClickFix and has roughly 973 ideas on how it can be improved based on hours and hours and hours spent researching, filing reports, and silently/verbally/prosaically/poetically screaming about its inadequacies.

311 scf metallic bike
One of literally oodles of BB-affiliated 311/SeeClickFix interactions over the past year or so. 

Like the 311 Call Center, Better Burque is available 24/7/365 to personally offer any/all of these roughly 973 ideas that will improve City communication to its citizens and the transparency of its actions. Happy to help.


One thought on “Mayor Keller Now Wants to Fix 311

  1. Scot – I think 311 the phone service works phenomenally well. I’ve always gotten good responses in phone calls. However, yes, the app sucks — most apps suck because app writers don’t involve users. So, to Mayor Keller: don’t a *fix* 311. Give the app maker hell.


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