A Case of Elderly “Pedestrian Error” and Driver of a Big-Ass Truck

Note: The following isn’t violently graphic in a direct way, but may make one despair a bit about humanity, technology, and what’s considered important and “okay” these days.

For those who don’t have time/inclination to wade through the redacted pages below,  another in a series of 2017-2018 APD crash report/supplementary investigation reports on deaths to those walking Albuquerque roadways, here are selected facts from the pages below of a incident from 3/6/18:

  • The incident happened at the corner of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Oak Street (northbound frontage road for I-25):
mlkoak location
If not familiar with this spot (circled in red) note the number of health-related entities nearby
  • The victim in the case was born in 1926. She was using an assisting “walker” to cross Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.
  • The driver in this case was operating a 2014 Chevy 1500 with a “lift kit” raising the truck’s body a number of inches (such lifting can range from only an inch or two to around a foot). While the report offer no specifics other than the investigating officer’s measurement that the top of the truck’s hood was “at or above 5 feet” and was equipped with 35-inch tires, here’s a conservative look approaching what the driver’s truck probably looked like:
(Source) Attempting to show relative height of such trucks to “regular” vehicles. It is perhaps interesting that finding such photo comparisons online is difficult.


  • For those wishing to read a shorter version of the investigatory report, here’s a synopsis from the Uniform Crash Report:

mlkoak onepager

  • Drawing of the incident found in the crash report (A.O.I.: Area of Impact):
mlkoak bad drawing
Note: The witness states in the synopsis above that the victim was moving north to south, and that “after the pedestrian crossed the first two lanes the traffic signal for WB (westbound) turned green and the truck ran over the pedestrian.”


  • In other words, the driver of the big-ass truck doesn’t pay attention while the elderly woman using a walker crosses most of the street to the right of her. When the light turns green, the driver plows into the elderly woman who hasn’t had quite enough time to make it to the raised pedestrian median. She almost made it. She ran out of time.
  • As noted above on the crash report synopsis page: “Pedestrian error.” Mitigating factors, such as truck height are mentioned, but disregarded as contributing factors. Interestingly, driver inattention and setting of pedestrian crossing time to better match conditions near hospital/medical facilities are not mentioned at all. In terms of driver behavior as contributing factor, there’s just “none” in the crash report.

One more look before we simply post the complete, redacted, investigatory narrative  below. Here’s a Google Streetview of westbound MLK at Oak:

mlk westbound
The victim was struck somewhere near the red X above, in the lane closest to the median refuge.

mlkoak page 1

mlkoak page 2

mlkoak page 3

mlkoak page 4

mlkoak page 5

mlkoak page6

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