Person Killed in Crash Between Speeder/Drunk Driver Forgotten, So Far

You might remember the legal aftermath from the 6/17/18 crash between a verified drunk driver and speeding driver at Montgomery Blvd. and Pan-American Freeway. The crash resulted, via unclear circumstances, in the death of Carlos Medrano-Olivas.

The deceased was either walking or skateboarding in the vicinity and the violent collision between a legally impaired Valerie Nieto, and Alyssa Cross, who ran the red light at the intersection “traveling ‘approximately 55 to 65 miles per hour'” left Mr. Medrano-Cross dead.

As noted in a KRQE report from August 7th of last year, charges of “Great Bodily Harm” (reduced from original charges of “Homicide by Vehicle”) were dropped against Ms. Nieto. A check of court records this morning, about five months later, shows no record of remaining charges against Ms. Nieto, as well as no record of any charges, speeding included, against Ms. Cross. Nothing.

The only still-open legal record that remains from the incident is Carlos Medrano-Olivas’ death certificate.

It is of course important to point out that the legal process often works slowly and that a check of NM Courts Lookup this morning indicates both that charges against Nieto were “dismissed without prejudice” (meaning they could be brought again) and an entry yesterday of a motion to withdraw as counsel. Better Burque is going to make an inquiry about this development. Anyone more knowledgeable about such things (attorneys, media, etc.) is very much encouraged to pass along anything they find.

nieto court update

In the meantime, we’re left with the unsavory reality that a drunk driver hit a speeding driver leaving a 24-year-old dead, and neither the speeder nor the drunk driver have suffered any legal consequences from their actions.

Hopefully, this is simply due to the slow wheels of justice, and that these slow wheels continue to turn in this case. If not, there’s something seriously wrong here.



3 thoughts on “Person Killed in Crash Between Speeder/Drunk Driver Forgotten, So Far

  1. […] We wrote in January on the lingering legal outcomes resulting from the crash of Valerie Nieto and Alyssa Cross, an incident that left Carlos Medrano-Olivas dead. Ms. Nieto was found to be intoxicated at the time, while eyewitness and follow-up investigatory research of the crime scene and vehicle recorder found Ms. Cross to be speeding as she ran the red light at Montgomery Blvd. and I-25 Pan American Frontage Road. […]


  2. It is very messed up that the charges were even reduced let alone dropped. Carlos is my fiancee and he was taken from not only me but also his family and all because a irresponsible “adult” and teenager and neither of them have to pay for what they did?? Its a bunch of bullshit


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