Parting of the Cars Parked in the Bike Lane Sea

Have you ever wondered what the bike lane under all the cars eternally parked in the bike lane on Central Avenue just west of 10th Street actually looks like? Well…

free at last
The bike lane has never been swept here because there have always been cars parked 

Better Burque can’t claim that its phone call to “the cops” Saturday morning reporting several cars parked, as always, in the now totally completely utterly illegal to park in bike lane, really we mean it this time, directly led to the heretofore never seen vehicle-free bike lane photographed this, Sunday, morning.

Somewhat like Lazarus, all we can report is that we, and you, once were blind and now can see the bike lane. Really.

Kudos to all who helped lead to the vehicle cleansing shown above, Albuquerque Police Department perhaps most of all. Happy not having to swerve from bike lane into a city bus, cyclists! BB is interested to know of other communications regarding bike lane parking sightings/reports. Noticed any differences so far around town at typical bike lane parking spots? Made any calls? If so, how’d it go?


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