New Success in Project to Fix Intersection Signalization for Bicycles

Regular BB readers might recall the start of our “Bike Sensor Adjustment Project” (BSAP) back in August of last year. Having heard from the City regarding proper procedure for reporting intersections on the bicycle network (bike route/bike lanes) at which bicycles, even steel bikes, were not triggering notice from the loop detector designed for this purpose, we and some of you (thanks!) started bombarding reporting such instances via 311 and/or SeeClickFix.

While action on the matter by the City has appeared somewhat intermittent since August, the last few days have seen sudden City use at SeeClickFix of six wonderful words that seem to indicate adjustments are now full steam ahead. Those words, found in response to five reported detection inaccuracies below are:

“Adjusted loop sensitivity. Verified with bicycle.” 

While these short sentences do not trip delightfully off the tongue, they are pretty damn delightful for cyclists heretofore ignored at these intersections. And what are these intersections, you might ask?

verified one

and here:

verified two

and here:

verified three

and here:

verified four

Not to mention here:

verified six

BSAPPers are encouraged to try out these intersections to confirm adequate sensitivity, remembering the detectors are far better with steel than aluminum or carbon bikes. Also keep in mind that detection does not necessarily mean instantaneous changing of the light, and that a vehicle entering the detector loop “ruins” the test.

Naturally, any realized BSAP success leads to more bombarding reporting to 311/SeeClickFix. Nothing wrong with that. Having a few months under our loop detecting belt, we can advise that we have found the persnickety status of “bike facility” (i.e., bike lanes or bike route) determines City action. For example, intersections like Pacific SE at Broadway (a near daily ride for your humble blog poster) are not eligible for increased sensitivity, as Pacific SE is not, currently, a “bike facility.”

We’re working on that. Meanwhile, readers are encouraged to keep working/inundating/reporting intersections to 311/SeeClickFix as you come across them.

Happy Riding and Reporting!





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