Happiness Just a 311 Call, 2 Months, and 14 Comments Away: Great News at Silver & Morningside

In a world and time filled with sordid, unfortunately true stories about the unspeakable and contemptible, don’t we all need a happy roadway engineering story? I know I do.

And here’s one that is not only happy, but absolutely true. It also would absolutely bore the utter hell out of you to hear/read the long version, so below is a short graphic retelling of a long bureaucratic epic about a few feet of curb and parking space on Silver at Morningside SE, part of the Silver Bike Boulevard.

morningside before
Chapter I: Back in Mid-December, this driver’s vehicle was parked too close to the diverter on Silver just west of Morningside. The narrowed gap made it tough to safely make it through. A 311/SeeClickFix report was made. 


bbtut morningside
Chapter II: Here is the header of that 311/SCF report. Note things such as how many times the report has been view and reference to “crew would be dispatched.” Note that the report is “closed” although the problem had not been fixed.
morningside scf discussion
Chapter III: Just part of the 14-comment long back and forth between Better Burque Tactical Urbanism Team (BBTUT), somebody named Keith, and “311 Citizen Contact Center.” Note the “crew dispatched” note on 2/22 AND the small photo acknowledging…
new morning
Chapter IV:  Yellow paint has now appeared, pushing parked drivers/cars back about a car-length and freeing up a safe amount of space. And everyone lived happily ever after. -THE END-

See. Good things really can happen and happy endings really can come true!

Thanks to City of Albuquerque Department of Municipal Development (we’re guessing you are “crew dispatched”) and to 311/SeeClickFix. It took a while, but it’s fixed. Thanks!

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