Yellow Curb Update: Education, Engineering, and…What’s that Third “E”?

Yesterday, Better Burque glowed in the vivid yellow of about 16-feet of brand-new curb marking along the north side of Silver SE just west of Morningside.

This early morning, not quite so much glowing…

yellow bummer

Most everyone knows you’re not supposed to park along a yellow-painted curb. Actually, everybody knows that.

✔ Education

And the City has come out and painted about 16 feet of curb, which might sound like and look like just “paintin’,” but roadway design and engineering.

✔ Engineering

There have grown various multi “E” nmeonics over the years to encapsulate what combination of things must be in place before successful roadways can happen. I’ve seen lists of up to five “E,” but the Original Gangster of such lists has three: Education, Engineering, and…

? Enforcement


? Enforcement

Who knows, by the time I hit “publish” on this post, maybe somebody has called 242-COPS and some remedy or penalty has been initiated by citizen involvement and law enforcement. On the chance that hasn’t happened quite yet, could somebody ride by this location, confirm the need for

? Enforcement

and make our world glow, just a little bit, once again? That number again is 242-COPS (2677).


Have a good, glow-filled weekend, everybody.

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