Pretty Photos of an Ugly Intersection: Washington & Copper

Active transportation advocate Ed Hillsman periodically brings roadway matters up to Better Burque, often including truly beautiful photography illustrating truly poor roadway infrastructure. I wish WordPress/BB could pass along the following images of the current have/have not bike lane striping and such on Washington NE between Copper and Central Avenue in high-quality original:

wash cop 1.jpg
Looking south along Washington at Copper, a gravel/debris “painted” bike lane has replaced the striped lane and cluttered the nearside curb ramp. Also, gotta “love” the placement of that telephone pole. ADA, what’s that?
wash cop 2
Closer, we better see the nearly erased bike lane southbound and can make out the newly restriped bike lane northbound. the De Anza Motor Lodge renovation is currently at plywood and construction fence stage. And sure, the meter box isn’t flush with the sidewalk…because ADA, what’s that?
wash cop 3
Moving back a bit, we see other active transportation (i.e., anything but driving) complications from the slightly offset intersection and varied roadway width. Not to mention yet another Suddenly Ending Bike Lane (SEBL), here at one of the most cycled intersections in town. Extra credit if you noticed the light standard basically bifurcating the sidewalk at the SE corner. Because ADA, what’s that?

Thanks Ed for the photos! As for fixing all that’s wrong in the photos above, the De Anza redevelopment will be older than the original Motor Lodge before that likely happens. Hopefully, we can start soon with new bike lane striping (and debris cleanup) on the other side of the street/street corner.

For a start.

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