Example in Easing Your Public Policy Guilt/Nerdom: Downtown Safe Zone

Readers: Are you interested in closely following transportation matters, but have what is often referred to as “a life”?

Are you too busy to attend things like City Council meetings, or, truth be told, does the mere thought of sitting in those uncomfortable chairs in the Council Chamber listening to public commenters and councilors drone on and on make both your butt and head hurt? Moreover, is your family generally against having dinner while watching Council meetings online and/or TV because they do not suffer from Public Policy Nerd Syndrome (PPNS) as you do?

Well, using last night’s Council discussion on Councilor Benton’s successfully proposed “Downtown Safe Zone” as an example, here’s what you can do, right now, to quickly get up to speed on what was discussed last night. It will only take about fifteen minutes of your time, and, if you play your Alt/Tab right, you can do it at work and *get paid to watch City Council!

Here’s how:

  1. Go to this webpage
  2. Click on the gray box marked “e. R-19-122…” shown in a screenshot below
  3. Click on the Play arrow.

city council dsz discussion


You go directly to the portion of the meeting about the Downtown Safe Zone, skipping all the other agenda items and public comment (although Don Schrader was the first public commenter last night and you should, as always, definitely watch one of our, and I’m am not joking or being “ironic” in writing this, greatest citizens and speakers).

As for what was discussed and passed in said discussion, BB would usually recap things for you, but this time…just watch the video. Notably, several things talked about last night did not make it into this morning’s Jessica Dyer report at the Journal, and viewing is quite recommended for those interested in Vision Zero adoption and other things we often write about here at BB.

But today we’re not writing about them. You’re just gonna have to watch the video segment. Have those Alt/Tab fingers ready!


*BB accepts no responsible for job loss and/or other repercussions of doing this.



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