Better Burque Call for Contributors: Help!!!

I’ll be honest (don’t you HATE when people say/write that!!). I have at least the following topics that desperately need to be blogpostified, but no time at present to write on:

  1. Last night’s City Council meeting
  2. Crosswalk signal timing and you
  3. Some silly information video (below) in which I blabber about how dangerous it is to walk here
  4. Any/all of the many walking deaths/injuries that have occurred in the past ten or so days
  5. This great tactical urbanism effort putting lights in the underlit International District
  6. Other things transportation that I’m too busy to currently even remember


inadequate graphic
I’m so busy I have to use the same inane clip art media outlets use when posting stories about traffic fatalities. That busy. 

And I’m too swamped to do any of the above. Never “retire” folks, you’ll never have enough time to do anything. What BB needs is you, more than ever, to do one of the following:

  1. Send me a couple of million dollars (sliding scale: one million if you’re a bit tight financially right now). Operators are standing by.
  2. Write some BB posts on one/more of the above subjects, OR anything you wish to write (send them here) concerning Burque transportation.

PLEASE consider doing so. To help you, watch the video below as it will surely make you feel that anything you contribute HAS to be better than the so-called “talent” in this video.




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