Changing the World One Curb Median at a Time

We gotta fix the big things. Absolutely gotta. But we also gotta fix the small things and we also gotta acknowledge when they get fixed.

Right at a month ago, a friend of Better Burque passed along a photo of a curb median inexplicably installed directly in the path of the extremely popular North Diversion Channel Trail at Singer Blvd. NE.

singer broken

While many walkers/riders now go under Singer Blvd. due to installation of a path “notch,” those sticking to ground level came across this unpainted, invisible at night curb. Evidently, several first-time night-time users crashed because of this damn curb.

Thanks to this friend of Better Burque, folks at City DMD (Streets) were informed of the median and rather quickly changed the above to this:

singer fixed

See? It can happen! We can get things fixed.

At least the small things, although anyone who crashed and broke their collarbone because of the earlier thoughtlessness in design/execution might not see the first photo above as a small thing.

Put enough so-called small things together, and who knows what we might accomplish.

With that thought also in mind, BB thanks Chris McKee at KRQE for reporting last night on the ludicrously illegal new sidewalk/intersection construction at Coal Avenue and 4th Street Downtown, and for not making your humble blogger any more silly than he already is in the process. I never watch the video of such things, but the text of the story captures the situation well.

Like with the curb median on Singer Blvd., it appears the illegal roadwork at Coal and 4th is going to get fixed. Kudos to City Chief Operating Officer Sarita Nair for noting the need for a re-do, and in advance for following through on making sure that re-do gets done.

I know looking around we can’t go five seconds without seeing something that needs to get fixed, small or big, roadways or any other issue. We’ll never get to it all, or even close, and it’s easy and defensible to just give up trying.

But we’re not going to give up trying. Right?


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