Let’s Play: Name the Location Getting a New HAWK Signal!

mystery location
Yes, I have done a bit of air-brushing because you’re such a talented “cheater”

More details tomorrow here at BB, but, in the meantime, can you identify this highly trafficked, heavily walked intersection now scheduled for a “High-intensity Activated crossWalK, aka “HAWK,” signal? You know, like the ones along the A.R.T. Route and, somewhat infamously, at Lomas and Alvarado?

Guess correctly first and win!


  1. Incredible cash prizes do NOT await the winner who first identifies the intersection. Isn’t just being right first enough? No, it’s not? Well, sorry.
  2. Bernalillo County employees are not eligible to participate for reasons that will be made clear tomorrow when we post more information.
  3. No, the County mention in #2 is NOT a clue, for reasons that will made more clear tomorrow.
  4. Roadway jurisdictions are hugely complicated for reasons BB will not make clear tomorrow or ever, because we have absolutely no idea why it has to be this complicated.



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