The Almost Fixed, 87% Ass DMD Job on Santa Clara

A reader got in touch with me a few days back (sorry, still been kinda busy) concerning the curb/sidewalk work on Santa Clara just west of Columbia SE. After my glowing report of the sidewalks now being “fixed,” the reader pointed out that not all sidewalk adjacent to Santa Clara in front of the large apartment complex there had required curb ramps.

And guess what…

santa clara curb

Yup, no curb ramp at the most proximate driveway entrance in the photo above. The other seven or so entrances all, now, have required curb ramps. Except this one.

Why do seven or so and right leave one undone? Run out of “ADA Compliant Detectable Warnings Surface Tactiles”? Job take too long and the bid money ran out? Really, really bad sense of humor?

Regardless of reason, City o’ Albuquerque needs to get out, now, and fix this right. Yes, all the way up to 100% right. Now.

I’d make a 311/See Click Fix request about it, but that “service” is an even worse joke than this slightly more than half-ass job. Just fix the damn thing, DMD.

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