BBTUT at the New Rio Grande/Candelaria Roundabout

The new roundabout is up and circling at Rio Grande Blvd. and Candelaria. The oft-warned roadway apocalypse, screamed about by those opposed to the project for years and years, did not appear to be taking place this quiet Sunday morning. No devils we’re seen flying through the center of the roundabout, for example. No lightning bolts from a Monty Python God in His clouds above. Nothing like that.

The only slightly demonic thing was this “Sidewalk Closed” sign left too long smack dab in the middle of the now combo bike/ped path/sidewalk configuration. But the Better Burque Tactical Urbanism Team (BBTUT) took care of that:

sidewalk closed
sidewalk open

Most quaint this morning was this completely not-MUTCD compliant, not even close, sign appropriately placed in the bike lane buffer, instead of the bike lane.

new roundabout ahead

We’re hoping this correct placement was done by the City, and not another one of the many BBTUTs now roaming the city. Btw, those seeking a newly designed “BBTUT Badge” (like an old-time sheriff’s badge but with bike wheel and spokes instead of star design) can order one here at BB.

We can’t actually fill any of these orders. But you can certainly order as many as you like.

Happy Roundabouting!



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