NM Walking Deaths Continue Record Pace through August 2019

The first eight months of 2019 have New Mexico on a pace for 90 pedestrian fatalities this year, according to preliminary data provided by the the Traffic Research Unit at UNM. The sixty deaths so far this year are accompanied by five “pedalcyclists” deaths, the rate of which has also increased recently.

TRU August 2019

Thus continues a multi-year upward trend of non-motorized deaths here and throughout a country that continues to care overwhelmingly only about getting from Point A to Point B as fast as possible. Further reflecting this, overall traffic fatalities through August in New Mexico are up over the past two years as well:

tru august 2019 total

I’d tell everybody to slow down, but a continued drone of such advice for the past few years here at BB hasn’t helped, particularly when such advice here and elsewhere is pitted against roadway design and engineering implementation that is all about making the “people” happy who want to just get somewhere as fast as they can.

The folks trying to enjoy the trip through various means of transport, are getting killed in the process. More than ever, if they’re walking.

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