City Responses to ADA Complaints: A Prose Poem

I’ve been avoiding ABQ’s SeeClickFix/311 the last few months, as I tend to avoid things that make me want to end my life prematurely. Few websites provide a more sobering glimpse into the bitter pettiness of humans and yawning emptiness of bureaucratic language.

Nevertheless, a new year means a new attitude about things, hence I sallied forth this morning to focus on instances in which public concerns have been raised about non-compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Using the search feature on the somewhat new online interface was easy enough, far easier than stomaching all the reports “resolved” via variations on a theme astute lovers of bureau-poetry will easily surmise.

Before unveiling our cut/paste poesy, a note about “resolved” in SeeClickFix-speak. It’s too bad George Carlin is dead for a huge number of reasons, including the missed chance for him to include “Resolved at SeeClickFix” in his ever-growing list of humorous oxymorons (e.g., “jumbo shrimp” and “civil service”).

In compiling many “Notes” below from a number of separate reports, it also must be said that research indicates a few of the many ADA-related concerns do seem to be helped/resolved via contacting SCF/311, namely the concerns that don’t require any money to fix. As I recall, the draft ADA Transition Plan (which STILL has not been approved/finalized, AFAIK) references an amount somewhere around $420 million needed to fix all the public right-of-way ADA violations in town. That figure is over a third of the City’s entire FY2020 annual budget.

scf 311 speak
All the “fun” in reading through SCF/311 reports starts with “…, it has been resolved. Notes:” What was it Inigo Montoya said?


Resolved: A Poem

Funding is not currently available to address the sidewalks.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will verify that the sidewalk is shown missing in the ADA transition plan. The missing sidewalk will be addressed as funding becomes available and priorities are met.

Americans with Disabilities Act (1990): The ADA plan is underway, this request will be forwarded to the ADA Transition Plan project team.

The DMD Engineering Division is in the process of exploring and developing solutions to this issue, which first involves a new topographic survey followed by design and further estimation of costs.

Funding is not currently available to address the sidewalks.


We will make sure that the obstructions are reflected in the ADA transition plan. Afterwards, it is a matter of prioritizing all of the projects.

Assigned to the ADA construction manager to look into it.


This is being resolved through a previous complaint.

The case CM-2019-054805 has been assigned to the City’s Planning Department. To track updates, please visit: For additional information, please call 505-924-3860.

Passed along to OCR

Funding is not currently available to address the sidewalks.

Passed along to ADA coordinator.

This issue has been sent to the department.

This case will be assigned to the Parks and Recreation Department. This department has their own internal process to track and address this issue. This case will automatically close in this system.

Funding is not currently available to address the sidewalks.

Based on Aerials, this address has not had sidewalk since 1999. This area is identified in our ADA transition plan as not having sidewalk. Currently, we are prioritizing missing ADA ramps and sidewalk for the entire City of Albuquerque.

The lot, in question is undeveloped. We will verify that this is reflected in our Sidewalk GIS database as missing. This will be prioritized with the ADA transition Plan priorities.

Please contact the State of NM Human Rights Office @ 505-827-6838.

Per Stephen W. & Ron R……….This is not one of our priorities right now. As part of our ADA transition plan, this intersection will be incorporated into the plan for future improvements.

Funding is not currently available to address the sidewalks.




One thought on “City Responses to ADA Complaints: A Prose Poem

  1. […] P.S.: As a joke, I’m tempted to make a 311/SeeClickFix report on the low-hanging branches of the pine tree in the photo above. The joke is, partially, that such a report might get a response. It might even get “fixed.” The other part of the joke is that the same could not be said for a 311 report of “Goddamn telephone poles right smack dab in the middle of the barely three-foot sidewalk for about four miles.” That report would be “resolved” thusly. […]


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